GP Rating (Deck and Engine)

General Purpose Rating Course

The General Purpose (GP) Rating Course was introduced on request from the Shipping Industry, in order to ensure enhanced & multiple utility of ratings, on board vessels belonging to shipping companies, worldwide. Accordingly, the erstwhile Deck Rating and Engine Rating courses were adapted to the new guidelines and concept of "General Purpose Rating" was introduced by the Directorate. This ensured higher employ-ability of the Indian seafarers in world market.


Certificate Course in Maritime Catering

A Saloon Rating after successful completion of pre-sea course, joins vessel as General Steward or Trainee/2nd Cook and subsequently become Chief Cook/Chief Steward who is the in-charge of Catering Department. Chief cook takes care of Ship’s food preparation, provision stores, general hygiene and housekeeping. The Chief Cook is usually one of the most pampered and loved person on board. A few years of experience allows them to serve as specialist cook for different cuisines in “Cruise Liners” or join Star Hotels at shore.

Post Sea Training Courses

Elementary First Aid(EFA), Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting(FPFF), Chemical Tanker Familiarization(CTFC), Liquified Gas Tanker